What is The Law of Attraction?magnet cropped


Simply stated…. like attracts like.

What you think about…what you put your attention on, comes back.

   Everything is energy. Every thought, every emotion, everything tangible and intangible has a vibration. Whatever vibration you project out in the Universe is attracted to energies that are of equal frequencies.

  Everything in your life….things, people, opportunities, situations, etc……you have attracted to you, whether you wanted them or not.

The good news is, you can purposely attract what you want. Some people call it Deliberate Creation.

The Law of Deliberate Creation: “That which you give thought to you begin to attract…and…that which you give thought to, with emotion, you attract more quickly.

So, ask yourself:

                                   What do I want?                  

                                   Why do I want it?

                                   How do I want to feel?

 Why the question about feeling? Why is it so important?

Because, focused attention, coupled with emotion is what manifests your desires.

The way to bring something to your life experience that you want is to imagine that you already have it and pretend how you will feel when you have it. Practice doing that consistently and the Law of Attraction must bring it to you…its law and it always works.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t mean that if you think the right thoughts, feel the right feelings, and visualize and imagine regularly that a basket of money (or whatever) will show up on your doorstep. It does mean that when you think the right thoughts, feel the right feelings, and visualize regularly…..opportunities come to you….people come into your life or awareness….and your life flows easier when you take inspired actions. And you find it much easier to create a life that you love.

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