Close up of woman's hand writingTruth is, we all know what to do. It is seemingly hidden deep within. But, there is a way to access the answers.  It’s called our Intuition. It is our connection with all-knowing Intelligence, Source Energy, what some people call God. This Divine Intelligence is guiding us all the time when we listen.

The problem is, we don’t hear it, or recognize because our minds are usually over stimulated. We have all the distractions around us with families, jobs, society, the media….and our own thoughts.
Intuition is the still, small voice within….or a feeling….maybe something visual that attracts your attention. But, with all that chatter going on in our minds, in it hard to notice without making the effort, or better yet, allowing ourselves to notice.

So, how do we tap into this intuitive guidance?


By, quieting our minds…. This can be done by meditating. A daily practice of meditation will put us in a frame of mind that helps us to tap into the intuition. Communing in nature, being focused on a creative endeavor, getting a massage, taking a shower…anything that you let go of the “busyness” of your mind and have a single focus will help you tap into your intuition.

Make the intention to “know what to do” and then let it go. Don’t try to figure it out. That is effort and will keep you from noticing the answer. Let it go and then something to relax your mind, preferably by yourself and you will be amazed at the answers that come to you.

What To Do When You Don’t Think You Know What to Do
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